Friday, February 5, 2010

Some quotes from My Look Magazine Interview!

Look: What are Blake and Leighton like? Are you friends?
Taylor: I don't hang out with the cast outside of work, but we get along on a professional level.

L: Your gossip girl character Jenny has transformed from preppy and innocent to rock chick - how much influence did you have over that change?
T: I was 13 when I started on the show, so obviously I had to wear what they wanted. I was a goth girl at school, so I couldn't really bring my own style for jenny could I? A lot of people styled my look and I used to hate getting critised for wearing something I didn't choose, so I started dressing myself for events. The producers noticed and wanted to incorporate that into jennys wardrobe. Now if someone doesn't like what I'm wearing, I don't care.

L: We love how you do your smoky eyes...
T: The dark eye thing comes from covering my dark circles. I work on my music untill 3am and then I'm on set the next day at 6am, so I sleep very little. But I love black eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. The blacker the better.

L: What do you wear onstage with your band?
T: A version of what I normally wear, but exaggerated. I'll even wear straight out lingerie, sometimes I wish I could wear less.

source: my look magazine


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