Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Wears What: Handbags

Once a year, Congress summons the President to discuss the country's priorities in the State of the Union Address. And while we certainly have no constitutional requirement to do the same, recently we felt compelled to give our own version of this historic speech. Of course our lay of the land, if you will, is not your typical political oratory. Instead of focusing on proposed legislative initiatives and goals, we're more concerned with one of the most important pieces in any girl's accessory arsenal: the handbag.

We realized that sounds silly and perhaps overly simplistic, but these transitional months between full-blown winter and early spring are the key time to assess your personal handbag policies for the upcoming season! Accordingly, we decided to provide you with a detailed survey of what satchels your favorite celebrity subjects are schlepping at this very moment. That way, if you do decide to purchase a new bag—or simply choose to stick to a tried-and-trusted-tote—you will be making an informed decision. (Knowledge is power, dear readers!) Just take a few pointers from our trusted style-stars in today's Who Wears What: Handbags feature and you'll be up-to-date on all the most pressing purse possibilities pronto!

Taylor Momsen Dior Pouchette Promenade ($730, 800.929.3467)
Gossip Girl's youngest star looked stylish and sophisticated carrying Christian Dior's Pouchette Promenade on the Upper East Side late last month. We love how Taylor Momsen mixed her mini cross-body bag with a more rough and tumble ensemble, creating a high-low contrast that captures the essence of her quirky and youthful élan! This shape and size is perfect for the fashionable fan who knows how to pack light and make a subtle satchel statement!
source: WhoWhatWear


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