Wednesday, March 3, 2010

‘Gossip Girl’ finale will feature ‘two OMG! moments’

Spotted: Gossip Girl fans piddling themselves upon learning that the show’s season finale will, in the words of executive producer Stephanie Savage, conclude with “two OMG moments.”

Savage declined to provide specifics, although she did reveal that the season 3 capper — which is currently being shot — will be unlike the show’s previous two finales in that “it’s not centered on a big event,” she says. “There’s not a giant wedding or a graduation. It’s a real potboiler where all of this season’s stories bear down on each other.

“It’s one of those episodes that just really moves,” she continues. “Every scene leads to the next scene in a very sort of tight and exciting way. I’m hopeful it’ll feel like a satisfying conclusion to all the stories we’ve been telling this year and also give you a sense of what season 4 will hold.”

As previously reported, the season-ender will also mark the return of Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina, but it may not be the Georgina we’re expecting. “[She'll have] a different persona,” Savage teases. “We’ll find out where she’s been the past couple of months.”

Gossip fans are probably asking the same question about the show itself, which returns next Monday after a three-month break with the first of 10 consecutive episodes. “I’m excited that we’re running 10 in a row without any interruptions,” says Savage. “Last season, we had a very erratic schedule during the second half of the season, and I think it was hard for [viewers]. We’re excited to come back and have 10 in a row… If we were a cable show it’s practically an entire [season].”

Excited for the return of Gossip? Thoughts/theories about the OMG-heavy finale? Looking for specific scoop about Chuck/Blair, Nate/Jenny, and (yikes!) Dan/Blair? I can help you with that last one: Check out this week’s Ask Ausiello.


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