Monday, March 10, 2014

Alter The Press!: ATP! Lists: 11 Ladies Owning The Music Industry In 2014, Taylor is #8!

Whether it’s what Miley does with her tongue or what BeyoncĂ© does at all, female artists have become an increasing fixture of news headlines over the last few years and discussion around issues of sexism within the music industry has never been more fervent. Sometimes, the comments and controversy surrounding some of these issues can obscure the fact that there are so many women with impeccable game who are absolutely killing it right now, both inside and outside of the charts. So, from indie powerhouses Tegan and Sara to goth princess Taylor Momsen, here are eleven of ATP’s favorite ladies who are dominating the music industry right now.

8. Taylor Momsen
Words by: Carolyn Vallejo

When I interviewed Taylor Momsen about The Pretty Reckless for Alter The Press, the most striking thought she left me with was, “wow, she really doesn’t give a shit.” But not in a bad way, whatsoever. It was more of the feeling when people confront her about what kind of statement she’s making, what it’s like to be a girl to lead a rock metal band, what it was like to be on Gossip Girl with Blake Lively Oh My God, she just doesn’t care.

“I don’t look at music even in a genre way. I don’t look at gender or age or race. It just comes down to if you can write a good song, then you write a good song and I’ll listen to it.”

Whether she means to or not, Momsen embodies the whole point of feminism: that is just doesn’t freaking matter what gender you are or identify with. When it comes to women in the music business, what matters is how well you do your job. And Momsen’s job is to punch you in the face with some of the cleanest metal released since 2010. With the upcoming release of The Pretty Reckless’s newest record Going To Hell, the band is forcing you to face a few things you may not have wanted to about religion, sexuality and what it means to be under the control of others.

source: Alter The Press!


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