Tuesday, September 22, 2009

James from SIXX: A.M. band mentions Taylor (again)

In recent interview to Road Crew Magazine, James talked about his producer life and mentioned Taylor Momsen again. Check it below:

RCM: On James’ work as a producer and what it is like being behind the scenes and then having to go back out on stage:

James: “Being behind the scenes is my comfort zone. Being the lead singer of SIXX: A.M. is kind of an anomaly for me; it’s been a blast, but I’m comfortable behind the mixing board, writing songs, working with other artists, bringing the best out of them, and I love that. Right now, I’m just finishing up a record with Taylor Momsen, who is one of the stars of the TV show ‘Gossip Girl’, and it’s an amazing record. She just turned 16 years old, and I know that when we think of 16-year-old artists, we think of Disney, we think of Hilary Duff — who I’ve also written with — but this is something different. She is the second coming of Deborah Harry or Courtney Love; it’s so heavy and so beautifully written. I’m incredibly excited about that record; it’s gonna be coming out on Interscope, I think, early next year. But right now, I think that the three of us have just been finally sharing that excitement again. I would say that in the last couple of days of writing the SIXX: A.M. record, it’s started to feel like it did when we first sat down and started writing ‘The Heroin Diaries’ soundtrack, and we were all waiting for that — we were all waiting for that moment when it all kind of hit us and we went, ‘OK, it’s time.’ And I would say it’s time."


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