Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kevin Zegers To Sex Up Taylor Momsen On 'Gossip Girl'

Serena's got Carter, Blair's got Chuck, Dan's got Georgina, and it looks like now "Gossip Girl's" Jenny is in for a little romance, too.
Actor Kevin Zegers is set to join the cast as Damien, a international playboy who sweeps Taylor Momsen's character off her feet for at least a few episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The 25-year-old actor starred alongside Felicity Huffman in "TransAmerica," and recent projects include "50 Dead Men Walking" and "The Narrows."
He's also set to start filming "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde" opposite fellow "Gossip Girl" newcomer, Hillary Duff.


'Gossip Girl': Kevin Zegers to play Taylor Momsen's love interest

Hey, remember Jenny Humphrey, the blonde girl we only see in the promos for "Gossip Girl" when we aren't following the gang's college life?

Well, Little J is finally going to get more screen time and she'll be heating it up with a romance, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Kevin Zegers will play Damien, Jenny's international love interest for a multiple-episode arc, and of course, he'll be a bad boy.

Happy love stories don't happen often or they don't tend to last on "Gossip Girl." We wonder if he'll play a much older guy as well. Zegers is 25 in real life, while Momsen is only 16. Yikes!

Regardless, we're just happy to get more on Jenny, who's been stuck back at Constance Billard while the others are seeking higher education and even greater social status.Zegers is best known for starring opposite Felicity Huffman in "TransAmerica."

He's also appeared in "The Jane Austen Book Club," "50 Dead Men Walking" and "The Narrows."Rather coincidentally, he'll soon begin production on "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde," playing one half of the thieving due opposite Hilary Duff (Casting coup alert!), who gets her own guest arc on "Gossip Girl" starting Monday, Oct. 5.

She'll play a former child star and Dan's (Penn Badgley) love interest, which is a relief from Georgina's (Michelle Trachtenberg) attentions. Or will she become territorial?

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