Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Was Taylor Momsen Gonna Be a Runaway?

Did Dakota Fanning beat out Taylor Momsen for a plum—or perhaps Cherie—role?
A copy of Momsen's recording contract with Interscope Records obtained by
TMZ seems to indicate as much.

The contract, dated March 17, 2009, stipulates that, if Momsen takes any acting roles with "musical elements," she must surrender 10 percent of her acting fee to the record company.
But there are two exceptions to that clause in the contract—her TV show Gossip Girl and a then-upcoming "Runaways Project."
Hmm; now what "Runaways Project" could that possibly
have been referring to?

The most logical role in the film for Momsen would have been Runaways singer Cherie Currie, a part that was eventually snagged up by Fanning.
Tell us in the comments section: Who would make a better Runaway, Dakota Fanning or Taylor Momsen?


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