Friday, December 11, 2009

Understand why ‘Gossip Girl’ will enter in a pause!

Fans of “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill” will be well annoyed with the network CW. That’s because she decided to shut down for six consecutive weeks, the 3rd season of “Gossip Girl” from January, and soon after will do the same with “One Tree Hill.”

After a short stop for the holiday season, will show an episode of “Gossip Girl” on January 11 and then the series will be unavailable until March 8. After his return there will be no more stops and the series must have its season finale aired on 17 or May 24. Since “One Tree Hill” returns Jan. 11 and is in the air until March 1, when it comes into hiatus and only returns April 19 to complete its 7th season.

According to the BBC, this change is only a strategy to show “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill” and newcomer “Unexpected Life” in just two hours, without repetition of any of the series.


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