Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview with Gossip Girl Stylist!

A couple of questions from interview with gossip girl stylist Eric Daman.

StyleList: Who would you say has the best style in real life?

Eric Daman: Blake, Taylor and Leighton all have really grown into their own style. They're really smart about it and they've grown into these fashionistas outside of the show. I mean, Serena's a fashionista, but Blake is also a fashionista.

SL: What about Taylor Momsen, though. She's kind of badass.
ED: She's a rocker. She has a band and, you know, she's 16. When she went on the show she was like 13, 12, I think she was just growing into who she was. She was living in New York City, going to all these parties and having all these other know, she's a rock star.

SL: Did her real-life transformation into a leather-wearing, hair-bleaching rock star influence her character? It certainly seems that way!
ED:She has a great relationship with the writers and I think the writers were smart enough to know how to write teenage angst. You know when you're 16, you become somebody else. When I was 16, I had, like, 3 earrings and a mohawk. You know it's part of being 16 and discovering who you are. It's very different than being 13 and being known for being Cindy Lou Who!

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