Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Pictures Never Seen Before!

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Ben Philips - The Pretty Reckless Guitarist
Mark Damon - The Pretty Reckless Bassist
source timyawn:
Oh yeah, so I totes saw ‘The Pretty Reckless’ (Taylor Momsen’s band AKA Lil J from Gossip Girl) tonight from the side of the stage at ‘The Notting Hill Arts Club’.
These are the only pics I got. They’re pretty bad pics, but fucking awesomely bad.
They were really damn great live tbh and bitch is hot.
We totes had a moment before she went onstage.
I was all, “Hey, have a good show” and she was all, *hair flip* “Thanks” *smile*
Pretty sure were married now or something idk idk.


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