Friday, May 14, 2010

Teen Taylor: I carry a knife

GOSSIP Girl's Taylor Momsen has caused more controversy - by admitting she carries knives in her purse.

The 16-year-old , best known for her role as Jenny Humphrey on the ITV2 teen show, sparked outrage by saying she found playing with her switchblade knife "relaxing".

She told a newspaper: "I have a knife collection. My favourite's my switchblade.

"I flew from New York to Los Angeles and still had a couple of knives in my purse. I thought I took them all out but they got tucked up in the folds.

"I went through security, took them on the plane, opened my bag to get my wallet in LA and they fell out. I was like: "Holy s***!"'"

She added: 'I have my favourite black knife with me all the time. It's a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it."

Meanwhile, Taylor - who is often criticised for her racy outfits - lived up to her reputation last night performing at her first UK gig with her band, The Pretty Reckless.

The blonde left little to the imagination in a short, busty frock with ripped stockings at London's Notting Hill Arts Club.

What ever would your Mom say?



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