Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alex Delon talks The Pretty Reckless

Alex Deleon from The Cab talks Taylor Momsen & The Pretty Reckless
Are there any bands that you haven’t worked with that you’re looking forward to playing with on the Warped Tour?
[…] The Pretty Reckless with Taylor Momsen. She’s got a really unique voice. Like a lot of people who are actresses try to make albums and they all don’t have good voices. But her voice is really unique, and it’s got this really cool tone and rasp to it, so I’m looking forward to see what she does.

I wonder how she has time between doing all of that and doing Gossip Girl.
I think she’s focusing on music right now for the summer. I heard she’s doing a U.K. tour after Warped, so she’s really focusing on her band.

Have you worked with her before?
No. Never met her. Looking forward to. I hope so.


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