Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exclusive Q&A With The Pretty Reckless: Taylor Momsen Says, 'I'm Totally Out Of My Mind'

Taylor Momsen is not a role model. This is not an observation; this is a quote from the young lady herself. Buzzworthy sat down with Momsen along with Ben Phillips, her bandmate from The Pretty Reckless, and had a candid conversation on her music, her fame and her responsibility (or lack thereof) to her fans.

Momsen claims that music is, "the thing that's kept me sane." And based on this interview, you can tell she's not kidding. When asked whether she thinks of herself as a role model, Momsen candidly responds, "I don’t want to be a f****in role model. I have no intention to be a role model. In fact, I would advise kids not to look up to me. I’m totally out of my mind."

Despite the upfront nature of that proclamation, it comes with a somewhat warmhearted caveat: "The only message that I really preach is find who you are and be yourself."

But that's just the tip of the interview iceberg. Momsen goes on to talk about the origins of The Pretty Reckless, the "unrock/rock" vibe of the Chelsea Hotel (where the band shot their album artwork) and the relationship between her music career and her acting gig on "Gossip Girl."

Check out the refreshingly honest and forthright interview below. The Pretty Reckless' debut album, Light Me Up, is due out August 31.



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