Thursday, July 29, 2010

Madonna's Daughter Lola Styles Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen has faced a fair amount of criticism and cynicism in the face of her burgeoning musical career. With her band, Pretty Reckless, she makes neo-grunge in the vein of Courtney Love, miles away from the radio pop of most of her peers -- which some people scoff at because she's a.) only 17 and b.) on "Gossip Girl."

Well, Momsen has got at least one family in her corner, and it's pretty well known. Taylor Momsen has been named the face and celebrity muse of the Material Girl clothing line by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon.

Taylor Momsen recently took part in a photo shoot for the line, where she was styled by Lola (which is what Lourdes goes by). Apparently Madonna picked Momsen because of her passion for music and her fashion acumen -- she certainly has that; check out this opinionated interview on the subject.

Madge isn't the only one fawning over Lil' Jenny Humphrey. Fashion designer John Galliano has chosen her to be the face of his new perfume, which will be launching this fall.

Check out more photos of Taylor Momsen from the shoot and watch a video from the set below. Material Girl will be available, exclusively at Macy's, on August 3.


Taylor Momsen Hangs With Madonna During 'Material Girl' Clothing Line Shoot

While right now it’s all about bikinis and daisy dukes, back to school ensembles are already at the forefront of every fashionista. So Hollywood Crush is bringing you a peek into the behind the scenes photo shoot for the brand new Material Girl line (designed by Madonna and her daughter), even before it hits stores!

As we noted earlier, Taylor Momsen left behind her "Gossip Girl" headbands to embrace the whole new rocker chic clothing line that works hand in hand with the model’s own personal style.

“The Material Girl line’s good because it’s not put together looks,” Taylor said in new video.

Known for turning T’s into dresses, if anyone can appreciate an eccentric and eclectic wardrobe, it’s Taylor! “It’s a lot of different pieces that are all very cool and chic and you can mix and match everything,” she said of the line. “It gives you the ability to make it your own.”

The fashionable mother/daughter duo responsible for the designs has been photographed being quite involved in the ad campaign shoot.

“Lola was here all day and she helped to style the shoot and I worked with her to put the outfits together. Madonna came a little bit later and she’s totally awesome,” Taylor said.

Lola? I guess the outspoken model/ actress has befriended the music icon’s daughter (known to the rest of us as Lourdes Leon). Could it be perhaps because they both share the same rebellious spirit?

“Lola’s a teenager so you just have the ‘No, mom! That’s just awful! What are you talking about?’ versus Madonna who’s like, ‘Well, I think it’s cute,’” Taylor dished. “So, there’s the mother/ daughter relationship, which you can see when they’re working together.”

You’d think Taylor wouldn’t be too fond of stylists these days (having recently fired her own personal stylist for differences of opinion), but it must be easy to get a long with a fashion guru when it’s world’s biggest pop superstar and her offspring “Lola”.

Momma Madge and Lola can actually be seen above wearing very similar looks to those displayed in the line. Lourdes looking very hipster with floral leggings and pink streaks in her hair stands alongside a sans make-up Madonna who rocks an ultra trendy leather jacket.

A leather jacket can also be seen worn on Taylor in one of the promo shots for Material Girl, while other pics display a daintier look in a floral skirt (Taylor’s signature scowl present in all).


But while the Pretty Reckless singer may have a frown in some of those pics, we’re sure it’s just a model pose thing because Taylor said she’s actually very excited to be the face of Madonna’s new line.

“I’m psyched to be the face of Material Girl. It’s awesome,” she said. “For one, it’s Madonna so you know it’s going to be cool. It’s been an awesome experience.”



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