Friday, July 23, 2010

Taylor Answers Questions on Twitter for Fans

Q. Is there any possibility to TPR come to Brazil in the future? we love your music and would be extremely cool!

A. I’m hoping we get to Brazil this year, no plans yet

Q. When does the new album drop? Loving the EP

A. the debut record “Light Me Up” is coming out in the UK Aug 30th, not sure about the U.S. yet or worldwide

Q. who’s your favourite band/singer?

A. The Beatles

Q. Who’s your favorite designer and who would you want to collaborate with to make a clothing line?

A. I love Chanel

Q. When Are You Next In London?

A. were playing V Festival

Q. if you had to choose between acting and singing which one would you pick?

A. I like both for different reasons

Q. you know… I REALLY think you should perform in Maine, sometime, you have tons of fans here

A. I’d love to

Q. do you have any pets?

A. I have a dog named petal

Q. Well, tell us about the video of Make Me Wanna Die and when it comes out!

A. they’re still working on the MMWD video, lots of legal issues, should be out any day now

Q. NOT CLEAR What’s your favorite movie of all time? /OR/ What's your favourite Led Zeppelin Song?

A. right now its Dazed and Confused

Q. Who’s your biggest musical inspiration? (:

A. zeppelin and the Beatles

Q. will you ever tour in Canada??

A. hopefully soon, we loved Montreal and Toronto!

Q. who would u like to record a duet?

A. Jay Z or Dr Dre

Q. Have you ever visited Spain?

A. not yet, but I hope to soon!

Q. how old were you when you started playing guitar / singing?

A. I was 5

Q. when will Miss Nothing be released on iTunes?

A. Miss Nothing will be released Aug 23rd in the UK

Q. exactly how many boyfriends have you killed?

A. none….yet

Q. what is your favorite fast food ?

A. taco bell

Q. Do you like cats?

A. totally

Q. do you get nervous when you perform?

A. I’m only scared of tripping

Q. will “Heart” be on the album? cuz that is by far my favorite & i’d really rather a studio version on my ipod….

A. the record has all new songs

Q. which one, @jonasbrothers or @justinbieber

A. umm…how about manson?

this may not be 100% accurate because most the people that asked her these questions asked her 10-70 other ones within the same few minutes (annoying, I’m sure). It’s hard to tell which one she was replying to.



Q: Do you like Marilyn Manson?

A: Golden Age of Grotesque is an awesome record click

Q: NOT CLEAR Do you want children in the future? /OR/ Will you come to ireland?

A: Yes! Someday definitely! (click)

thanks to Eleanor @ britneysmedicinecabinet


Eleanor Brigitte said...

i asked does she like marilyn manson, and my friend asked does she want children in the future :) x

sleeping wizard said...

Hi Eleanor!
Thanks for sharing! I've just added your questions in the post :D

Anonymous said...

the "dazed and confused" question, that same person also asked what he favorite led zeppelin song was, so that could be the answer to that too!

Anonymous said...

and the children question, her answer also could have referred to the question "will you come to ireland?"

sleeping wizard said...

Thanks for the info! I know it was very difficult to understand what question her answer was referring to

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