Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taylor Momsen Might Be The Best Example For Your Teenage Daughter

Bear with me for a sec. So 16-year old actress/singer Taylor Momsen recently did an interview in which she allegedly said that she’s bored with men and that these days, her vibrator is her best friend. I think the immediate reaction that people are having is that it’s wildly inappropriate for a teenage girl to be talking about getting herself off with a battery operated device, but I think this is actually one of the smartest things I’ve ever head a young star say in response to a dating question.

Here’s the thing: If Taylor Momsen is telling teenage girls that instead of spending time with dudes, they can stay at home and masturbate and not feel embarrassed about it, I think that’s a great thing. It’s certainly the best argument for abstinence that I’ve ever heard. She’s not even saying “don’t have sex” or pretending that teenagers don’t want to get off like the rest of the world, she’s just saying, “Hey, just because I don’t hang out with pointless dudes doesn’t mean I’m not getting mine.” That’s like, borderline the most mature thing I’ve ever heard a teenager say. Ever.


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