Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taylor Momsen wants to ‘reinvent’ rock-n-roll

HollywoodNews.com: Jenny Humphrey has far greater ambitions than upstaging Blair Waldorf as Queen B these days–but then again, 16-year-old Taylor Momsen hasn’t just been Little J for quite some time now. The “Gossip Girl” actress has been touring on Warped Tour with her rock band, The Pretty Reckless (whose first album officially releases on August 31), and her just-released music video for “Miss Nothing” has people talking, to say the least.

Momsen says of the video, in which she gyrates on a lavishly set table wearing not much more than stockings and stilettos, “The song is telling an ambiguous story about a lover dying, and I’m depicting Mary Magdalene, and Jesus just died. It’s about not being able to live without a lover. It’s Mary Magdalene’s last supper, it’s my last supper, because I can’t live.” Indeed.

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman, who cites Led Zeppelin and the Beatles as major influences, aspires to be like ‘the greats,’ saying she is “trying to reinvent and bring back rock ‘n’ roll,” and criticism of her sexualized self-presentation only serves to exasperate Momsen. “It’s like we’re living in the ’60s again. Haven’t we already all seen this? This has already happened. Scantily clad clothing? It’s amazing that it’s shocking again, scaring people now, again.”

source: hollywoodnews.com


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