Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taylor Momsen's Sonic Youth T-Shirt, Before And After

Last week, Taylor Momsen told us that she fired her stylist and dresses herself, often with T-shirts that she cut up on her own. And that's the truth! Her D-I-Y look came to life this weekend when she performed with her band The Pretty Reckless at the Warped Tour in West Palm Beach, Florida wearing a slashed Sonic Youth tee. The top itself is from Sonic Youth's Danceteria performance, and features the name of Sonic Youth's first album, Confusion Is Sex, and another band, Conquest For Death, with pictures of women in their underwear with strategically-placed skulls. We found the original top online, which costs $20, and you can see Taylor did a major hack job to the garment. Gone are the sleeves and bottom hem. She also stabbed holes all over the top, widened the arm holes so it hit just at her waist to reveal her black lace bra, and cut larger, palm-size holes along the neckline. Taylor turned 17 today.

+ Do you like her version of the shirt?



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