Thursday, August 26, 2010

UK magazines review "Light Me Up"

Kerrang! Magazine
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The Pretty Reckless
Light Me Up

Grungy debut from Taylor Momsen and co

Aged just 17, The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen (Also of TV’s Gossip Girl) clearly has a lot on her mind. Covering subjects as heavy as religion, drugs, sex and death, this debut album offers a glimpse into the darker side of her otherwise glamorous life. Punchy, grungy riffs are complimented by Taylor’s versatile voice as se effortlessly spits and snarls her way through the records, sounding at times like a Young Courtney Love. Production by Kato Khandwala (Who’s worked with the likes of My Chemical Romance and Paramore) ensures that the careful equilibrium of radio-friendly rock ‘n’ roll is maintained throughout and, while lyrically there’s nothing explicitly offensive, there are enough risqu� lines here to raise a few eyebrows, and enough good songs to prick up a few ears.

Download: Miss Nothing
For Fans Of: Hole, Paramore
Star Magazine
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Girl Gone Bad

The Pretty Reckless
Light Me Up

Who? Gossip Girl turned foul-mouthed teen rock queen.
How’s it sound? You gotta love Taylor Momsen. When she’s not strutting around in fishnets and smeared make-up, declaring she had sex with a priest and has no idea who Justin Bieber is (lucky her), she’s modelling for Madonna’s Material Girl fashion label. She also wants you to know that her music is about “life, love, dead � but it’s not Satan worshipping”. Which is a relief! Her band’s riotous debut brims with an explosive list for life that grabs you by the balls (whether you have them or no) and shows you a rocking good time. The Growling guitars of My Medicine, epic rock-opera swagger of Make Me Wanna Die and blazing Miss Nothing sound like a magnificent teen brat version of Pink. Light Me Up channels Alanis Morisette at her finest and You is a gorgeously lyrical finale to one hell of a ride.

Veredict: Pretty fantastic!
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