Friday, September 17, 2010

Official Make Me Wanna Die Music Video

Clarification about MMWD Videos:
Just to clarify, the first MMWD music video was a VIRAL VIDEO. It was not the real one. It never was going to be the real one. This one is the real one. It was just held up in legal and that’s why the video to “Miss Nothing” came out first. Obviously they worked it out.
The idea behind the video was that she was stripping everything away to the grave. It’s not about nudity or being naked. It’s a metaphor for death (hence “Make Me Wanna Die”), especially considering what happens at the end of the video. There was obviously alot of thought into the artistry and cinematography of this video. Keep that in mind while watching instead of automatically judging.
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Finally the wait is over! Make Me Wanna Die Official Music Video is NOW HERE!! Wonderful!
watch it below!

Download it now on iTunes!

The track is also featured on 'The Pretty Reckless' EP out now.

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