Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taylor Momsen's Style 'Plays Up Her Assets'

Taylor Momsen has confessed that she likes to 'play up her assets' when it comes to fashion.
The Pretty Reckless singer, who helped Madonna and her daughter Lourdes launch their clothing range Material Girl in New York earlier this week, also claimed her 'rock chick' look is inspired by lots of different eras.

Momsen explained: "I throw on whatever I find on the floor. Half of it doesn't match but somehow I pull off a look that's more personal to me."

"My style is inspired by different eras. I think about the rock bands I love and how I can translate their music and attitude into clothing,"

She added: "I play up my assets with black eye make-up and I love wearing heels. I'm tall and love playing that up. I can't live without a leather jacket. I like to take things that are kind of sweet and add a tougher edge to them, so I'd definitely die without one."

The Make Me Wanna Die singer also claimed that her style in real-life is nothing like her Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphrey.

Momsen said: "Gossip Girl hasn't really influenced my style. If anything, it's kind of the other way round."

"I definitely gravitate towards darker colors, and that's been worked into Jenny's look by the costume designer, who took a lot of influences from me."



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