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Revolver Magazine Interview + New HQ Scans!!

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Scream Queens

They’re the class of 2010.
The zombie-blasting, cyborg-stomping, slasher-stabbing, vamp-hunting, monster-moshing, throat-shredding class of 2010. Each of the badass babes on the following pages released debut albums this year, either with their respective band or as a solo artist, and heavy music has not been the same since. And we expect to watch these frontwomen rocking hard onstage for years to come - in fact, much like Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Milla Jovovick in Resident Evil, we wouldn’t be shocked to see any of them as the final girl standing after everyone else has dropped.

Taylor Momsen
The Pretty Reckless

Revolver: When did you go from loving music to wanting to make it yourself?
Taylor Momsen: I’ve always made music. I worked with (film composer) James Horner on How The Grinch Stole Christmas when I was 5. I came out of the womb singing. I could hum Beatles songs before I could speak. That’s true. It’s on video

When did you start writing your own songs?
Also when I was 5. I played piano and switched to guitar when I was 8. And I wrote a pop song (called “Blackout”) and recorded it with a producer as a demo. Heidi Montag from The Hills just recently sang it and put it out as her single. (Laughs) I’m like, OK, dude, you’re singing an 8-year-old’s words, but that’s cool. It’s so funny, because I didn’t shop it or anything and I get this call going. “Did you write a song for Heidi Montag?” And I’m like, “What?!”

When did you star to rebel?
I was confined for so long and manipulated by industry people trying to fit me into the mold of what they wanted me to be. When I started to grow up, I went, Oh, hey, I see what you’re doing. Fuck that! I couldn’t take it anymore. You start to lose yourself when people want you to be something that’s perfect. I’m not fucking perfect. No one is.
I’ve always been me, whatever that means. I think I’m nice. Other people think I’m a bitch because I’m opinionated. I admit I’m crazy. I’ve never claimed to be sane but I think I’m nice.

Do you try to be controversial in your music and how you present yourself?
Honestly, dude, I try not to be. I’m holding back excessively to try to get people to even listen to my record. I’m trying not to freak people out right now, and apparently I’m failing.

Why do you think people are shocked by you?
Honestly, dude, I don’t fucking know.

Maybe it’s because people don’t expect a 17-year-old to dress the way you do and say the things you say. Like when you joked that your best friend is your vibrator.
Hey, I’ve never said I don’t need to get off once in a while, man. That (vibrator) fits right in my suitcase. That shouldn’t piss people off. Girls should be allowed to masturbate. Guys can masturbate. So why can’t girls? Why is that suck a hidden topic from the world?

Well, everyone pretty much accepts that guys are born with their dicks in their hands…
Yeah, but dude, we’re born with our clits in our fingers. C’mon. It’s the same fucking thing. It’s totally sexist to think any other way, and the fact that it’s an issue at all with people in s completely insulting women.

It seems like, in the last few years, a lot of young women have become famous first via leaked sex tapes. What do you think about that?
I don’t care what people fucking do in their own home. If it’s a good sex tape, I’ll watch it. Other than that, I don’t really give a shit. I like some adults stars. I have a couple of favorites. But I will say this: That Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson video wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t fuck Tommy Lee.

In the beginning of album opener “My Medicine” there's the sound of you exhaling a cigarette before you kick into the song. It sounds like you’re going for a tough-chick vibe right out of the gate.
It wasn’t done intentionally. I was smoking a cigarette in the booth and it got recorded, and we thought it sounded cool so we kept it. I smoke when I sing. I smoke a lot.

Do you drink or take drugs?
No, smoking is my only vice. You gotta have something. I’ll have a glass of wine with my parents or a beer once in a while, but I’m not a drinker by any means. Smoking keeps me awake. I mean, I’d love to be able to drink, but 1) I might get arrested, and 2) I have to work all the fucking time. I can smoke when I’m working.

How long did you spend working on Light Me Up?
We wrote and recorded it in about a year and we did it at a studio in New Jersey called the House of Loud. I had a very strange schedule with filming and stuff, so we would come into the studio at 8 p.m. and record until 3 a.m. Then I’d go to model and do Gossip Girl the next day.

You must have been losing your mind.

I’m out of my mind anyway. If I ever sound like I’m stuttering or inarticulate it’s because I’m totally crazy. I mean, really. I’m totally insane. Everybody that meets me will say that. I don’t sleep, ever, so I’m very manic-y.

There seem to be a few recurring lyrical themes on the record.
There’s a lot of loss, desperation, confusion, and sadness, honestly. It’s kind of a sad record about trying to find yourself and either getting lost or losing something along in the way.

Considering the sadness in it, did you enjoy making Light Me Up?
Music is the only thing I enjoy. Everything else is just work. But we were so meticulous about every part f this record that we got into a lot of arguments because each of us was fighting for own way and we all had suck high standards. I had a couple of screaming fits and stormed out a couple times.

Did you do anything to break the tension?
When we’d all get too stressed out or too tense about something, we’d blow things up outside the studio. We’d just build a bomb and blow up a TV or light a huge fire in the fire pit.

Sounds dangerous. Have you guys had any brushes with death?
When we were in England, the paparazzi were chasing us on motorcycles. Some of them almost hit us, and we almost crashed our car into them. We had to fight them off, and our tour manager had to put his hand up on a photographer’s throat, because he was trying to grab me.

Do you see a lot of girls today that try to dress or act like you?
All the time. I guess it’s flattering. We were at a club, and my friend walked outside and there were all these girls putting on eyeliner like me. It’s strange, but those are fans. It’s even funnier when I see celebrities dressing in stuff that’s so specific to me. It’s cool to look up to people, but I don’t think anyone should try to be anyone else. Be yourself. When you really know who you are, that’s the coolest person you’re gonna be.


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