Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taylor Momsen Says She Was NOT Fired From ‘Gossip Girl!’

Don’t plan on saying goodbye to Little J anytime soon! In a recent interview, Taylor Momsen shoots down rumors that she’s been fired from Gossip Girl for her diva-like behavior and bad attitude!

It was recently reported that Taylor Momsen had been put on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ from her role as the trouble-making Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl – and for fans and followers of the show, the news came as no surprise. Rumors had been swirling about Taylor’s bad behavior on the set, even from Tim Gunn, who made a guest appearance. But in a recent interview with a Turkish magazine, Taylor claims that all of those rumors are completely untrue.

“It’s complete BS. I’m still on the show. Please don’t buy the crap of the magazines,” she says in the interview. “Normally, I don’t even feel the need to address these rumors.”

Taylor discusses her similarities with her character Jenny, saying that, “At the end, Jenny’s come to resemble me more, when you compare it with the beginning of the series.” We can definitely see the resemblance – both wear dark eye makeup and have the same style!

Taylor also talks about her music, saying that’s it her real passion, but denying that she used her fame from Gossip Girl to get ahead in the music industry. “There is no such thing,” she says. “I have always sang, but the difference is that now more people get to listen to it.”

source: hollywoodlife.com


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