Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taylor on le Grand Journal (8/12/10)

Taylor is all smiles when she talks about when/how she got started to Gossip Girl, style and her band The Pretty Reckless.
Including why the lyrics to "Miss Nothing" on the album booklet were censored.


Anne-Cécile said...

It was just so cool, I was watching TV like if I was... I dunno, 4 YO?
Haha, Taylor is just amazing. :)
Even if I have missed the concert, I'm so glad she came to France. ♥
(and sorry for my bad english, uh)

Claire said...

Heeey! :)
Yes she was so cute is the interview! I hope she will come to Italy too!

Anne-Cécile said...

Oh, sei italiana? haha
I have an other question.. Do u know where I can buy cross ring like Tay? :)

Claire said...

Si!! haha :D you kwow italian wow! :)
Oh yeah, that ring is great!

Well, the ring that she's wearing the in Material Girl Pictures:

is here and costs $12 :

and I've also found something similar on e-bay:

but it's more expensive than the Material Girl one... so maybe it's better buy the original one :)
Hope it was what you were looking for =)

Anne-Cécile said...

Parlo solo un po' italiano, perchè la famiglia di mio padre è italiana. :D
Studio anche l'italiano a scuola, ma... Sono senza speranza, HAHA.

Yes, it was the ring i was looking for! I need to buy it. ♥
Thank you so much! :)

Claire said...

Invece sei bravissima! :) Scrivi molto bene!

You're welcome for the ring :)

Anne-Cécile said...

Aww, grazie mille. :)

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