Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Taylor likes to listen to

this was inspirated by
The Beatles

“The influences that went into [the record] were all male-fronted rock bands – my idols and the people I look up to are mostly male. I grew up on the Beatles with my dad. He had a big record collection and I listened to a lot of the classic records growing up – The Who and Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin – and the kind of classics. The Beatles were the first band I ever heard. I’m a fan to this day. We’ve done some work on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus [a non-profit orfanization that acts as a travelling recording studio allowing school students to learn about the industry – Momsen recently participated, singing vocals as high school students played instruments on a recording of All You Need Is Love] I’ve been promised I’ll get to meet Yoko Ono one day.”
Who were your musical heroes when you were growing up?
The Beatles and a lot of the classics. I played a lot of old records growing up. Stuff like Bob Dylan… I grew up listening to a lot of old vinyl and then my dad would record them onto cassette tapes for me, I was about 10 when I got my first CD player.”

The Who

Led Zeppelin

Bob Dylan




Pink Floyd

"I grew up on Oasis, Soundgarden, AC/DC, The Beatles"

Do you have a favorite rock record to listen to while you’re on the plane or during down time?? Like Manson, Nirvana, Beatles, AC/DC…
" I definitely have a medley, I listen to all bunched into one….I am religious about it, all The Beatles records , Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, AC/DC. All the classic rock basically. I’ve basically had the same playlist since I was four years old. I think the only thing that got added in the past six years, were Sound garden. I learned classic rock from my Daddy, I grew up listening to vinyl records and listening to great music and I expand from there like the 90s grunge bands he didn’t have on vinyl. I’ve stuck with that once you go great you can’t really go back [laughs]. "

The White Stripes

Taylor talked about her first rock concert -- a White Stripes gig: "I'd been listening to rock records, but I'd only seen a Britney Spears concert before that. So it was the first rock show I'd seen, and it was the first point where I was like, 'I wanna do that.'"

The Ramones

Iron Maiden

Rage Against The Machine

The Velvet Underground

Confusion Is Sex + Conquest For Death Sonic Youth

System of a Down


"Well, actually, one of my first favorite records was the debut Garbage album, which I heard when I was very young. Shirley Manson is a great female vocalist and performer and I admire her for that."


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