Monday, March 28, 2011

French Fan Reviews 'The Pretty Reckless' gig at Vip Room (03/27/2011)

"The day before going to the show I talked with the girl who got on stage 2 days earlier and I asked her exactly what she did to get Taylor to notice her and pick her to get on stage. I left to go to the show with the idea in mind that I would be the one to dance with Taylor. While waiting in line I was talking with other fans that didn’t want to get up on stage so they said they would help me get chosen. The show started, I was enjoying it and then the moment came when Taylor said she would choose someone. I immediately started screaming and I lifted my shirt up while all the other girls were pointing in my direction. Taylor didn’t hesitate before picking me! I got on stage, took my shirt off and Taylor asked my name so she could introduce me to the crowd. The song started, I was dancing and singing along but I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. Taylor was coming to me and was dirty dancing with me, touching me!! While she was singing she would sometimes glance at me to see me sing along with her. At the end of the song she hugged me, thanked me and I told her “Thank you so much, I love you” The whole thing was just amazing, surreal! I am so happy that I got what I wanted, I got on stage with Taylor Momsen " Laura xx


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