Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pretty Reckless Performs In New York City

Two blocks away from Santos Party House in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless stand on the corner looking a little lost. She wears huge sunglasses in the dark, sky-high platforms accentuating already lanky limbs, equally slinky platinum locks and an oversized jacket. I walk up to her and say, “On my way to your show now.” “Sounds good," she replies. "We're going to a bar,” she breathes out in a raspy, kind but cool voice.

Bassist Jon Berry, who showed the most technical skill with his savvy back-up vocal, is excited to see how Runner Runner evolves. “We all write music and we have a hundred plus songs just waiting in the pipelines,” but for now, “we’re doing what we love.” When asked about touring with The Pretty Reckless, Ogren said it’s brought “a completely different crowd; we’re used to a younger, pop one.” Of Taylor Momsen, Munters says, “you’d expect her to bring her edgy persona off stage but she’s actually the sweetest girl. She’s like a dude. Quote me as saying, ‘Taylor is one of the dudes.’”

With members of her Gossip Girl cast in the audience, Momsen came out strong on lead vocals. After the set she told us, “It's so awesome to rock in New York f***ing City. This is my hometown. I live right around the f***ing corner and [the audience] came to rock.” She seemed genuinely surprised by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the sold out show. She called a topless girl on stage with her, covered Audioslave, Oasis and Muse, belted and screamed out her self-written lyrics and kept the crowd wanting more. One fan told me after the show, “in a few months she’ll be selling out Madison Square Garden.” Momsen is nothing but raw talent, a hard rocker in a pint-size frame.



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