Thursday, June 2, 2011

'The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen talks Britney Spears, touring and inspiration

Taylor Momsen may not have "Gossip Girl" on the brain, but the pint sized rocker is preparing to take her band back on the road.

Fresh off their very first headlining tour, Momsen tells Zap2it that The Pretty Reckless is hitting the summer festival circuit overseas.

"We actually leave [this week] for Germany, so we're doing a bunch of summer festivals all over Europe and Asia and Australia," she says. "We're kind of going everywhere for the next couple months doing the festival circuit, which is awesome, and then in the fall we come back to the states and there will be -- I'm not allowed to talk about it yet -- but there will be a big announcement and we're really excited about it."

Their debut album, "Light Me Up" was only just released in the U.S., but has been out for almost a year now in the U.K. While they've been earning the respect of rock fans stateside, Momsen admits that the fanbase is on a larger scale over in Europe -- something that may change in the near future. She hints that said "big announcement" will relate to a tour and advises fans to stay tuned to her Twitter account for more details.

The young woman behind the bands emotional and often dark lyrics will celebrate her 18th birthday this July. Momsen's age may come as a surprise to those who aren't familiar with her previous work, but she credits her musical inspiration to a unique perspective on life. To an extent, at least.

"It's hard to define where inspiration comes from," she says. "If I knew where it came from it would be a lot f***ing easier to write a record. The record, it's very much about my life. It's very autobiographical in a lot of ways, but it's written metaphorically. So not every line is meant to be taken literally, but it is very reflecting of my life."

Adding "I live a different life than a lot of people, so of course that adds something but I don't really know what that is... Anyone who starts working at a young age has a different kind of perspective on life. You travel the world and you're working a job and working from a very young age. You get insight into the world and maybe view the world a different way, which I feel like I do."

Momsen's sound may be a far cry from that of Britney Spears, but one thing the "GG" alum has in common with many other ladies her age are fond memories of the "Oops!... I did it again" singer. She tells us that Spears was the very first big arena performer she ever watched.

"I was a big Britney fan growing up," she admits. "I loved the Beatles, Nirvana and The Who, but I was a dancer so I totally loved Britney when I was dancing."

Momsen didn't have much to say about the upcoming "Femme Fatale" tour, but still wishes Brit Brit the best. "If she's doing what she loves then that's great," she says.

We're really digging this actress turned musician's latest project and are already looking forward to their next album... Even if Momsen is playing coy with us about when it might happen.

"We are always writing," she tells us regarding their new tracks. "As a writer you never stop, but it's nothing definitive yet."

Check out a live performance of their hit single, "Just Tonight." For more news on the band, Momsen assures us that Twitter is the best place to keep track of their comings and goings.


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