Saturday, July 9, 2011

Optimus Alive Festival in Portugal cancelled due to technical problems!

According to Blitz:

At the end of the day at Optimus Alive'11 (July 8), Alvaro Covões of Everything Is New, spoke to reporters to explain the cancellation of concerts on stage Optimus.

The artists affected by this measure were Klepht, the Pretty Reckless and You and Me at Six. 30 Seconds To Mars and the Chemical Brothers were active, although with delay.

According to Álvaro Covões at about 17h on Friday was detected "a failure" in the structures of the stage. Engineers and members of "a fantastic team" were called to determine the gravity of the problem.
"It was the day of 30 Seconds to Mars, one day very special. The fans are more nervous, they were camped here last night and want to stay always at the forefront," he said.

Also because it created in front of the stage, "an area of ​​protection and verification." "Just in case," he said, the first concerts were postponed, put up two cranes to support the stage and the performers were "made aware".

The Pretty Reckless had, however, leave the building at 21.05 as they had to travel to the festival T in the Park.

"Security, security, security" was the reason given by Covões for cancellations. "We just wanted to start with 100% security."
Asked about the specific problem that led to the cancellation, Alvaro Covões only said that it was "a leak in the structure. A beam. If it were a light thing we were not here.

source (translated with Google) also thanks to Oasis Fanatic for the heads up!

I'm sorry for Portuguese fans! Taylor tweeted this:


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