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Taylor in 'S Moda' Magazine (Spain)

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When you're a confessed fan of Gossip Girl, take on one of the young stars is a challenge. Taylor Momsen was! Little was going to interview J! But what I found there was not a promising young actress but the singer of The Pretty Reckless, a rock band that has nothing to do with the escapades of a group of children on the posh Upper East Side New Yorker. Disappointed? No, but always amazed.

Get to the hotel in a flash, his face a few friends and two huge suitcases full of clothes. "I live on tour, you know," he explains. Is accompanied by his manager, Nick Carbone (clone battery and Robert Smith) and a friend from New York who serves as a valet. It is now fully made up and what is most worrying is that their extensions are combed oxygen as she wants ("yesterday in another photo shoot I had to take to the hairdresser because I had no idea"). Of course, the girl knows what she wants. And in addition to a particular hairstyle, also clear that Gossip Girl is not your future.

How does it feel to be a rock star?
I do not know if I am much like 'star' but I love music. That's what I always wanted to do and I can finally take place. I love this life, I want to go.

Do not you miss anything less than acting?
It seems that the set of Gossip Girl is the dream of every girl ... Not at all. I have no plans to return to action soon, my life is my band.

What should people expect when going to a concert by The Pretty Reckless?
Lots of action. I give it all on stage, I am not afraid of anything, even hurt me (the bruises on her thighs, which proudly shows like war wounds, attest to that).

You have only 18 years. Do not you get a little nervous before going live?
Not because I love, is my natural habitat.

Looking back four years, has your life changed much?
Absolutely. I used to be an actress and now I dedicate to music. It's crazy. But the kind of madness in which I like myself immersed.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
Performing, recording, singing, composing. I hope I can play better guitar, I'm still a little awkward. But always linked to music with The Pretty Reckless.

What emerges your immediate future?
So far I have the complete concert schedule until the end of the year. We are promoting all over the world our first album, Light Me Up If you have time, try to record new songs but now managers are our priority. You're the only girl in a band of four boys.

Do you feel alone at times?
No, my teammates are my best friends, my comfort and my support. We had a great time together. These are the people you trust most in the world and those who best know me. For years, your image has taken a very different direction than it was in the beginning of the series.

When did this change?
Never, I always dress well, but I dressed for the show. As soon as I removed the character of Jenny wore off as I see today. I've spent my whole childhood dressed by stylists (he was a child actress) so as soon as I can remember I started to get everything I liked.

And how would you define your style?
Very authentic, a little grunge, a little sinister, very personal. I grab a little here and there.

Where do you usually buy your clothes?
The truth is that I am very interested in fashion designers and not seen unless absolutely necessary. I love vintage stores to buy parts that I find on the road.

If Gossip Girl had to gossip about you today, what would you say?
Well, I have no idea, I do not hear any gossip about me. I do not get online, do not read magazines ...

Do not you get online? Well I just saw an iPhone in your luggage ...
Yes, it's just listening to music. My friends do they use it to navigate but I am not very interested in the rumors that come over me. I do not know what they are and, if known, would make them much attention either. To me what I like doing what I want.

Turn off the cigarette, which leads down the shirt as a dress, I very warmly shaking hands to say goodbye. "It was a pleasure," he said looking straight at me with her big blue eyes, framed by false eyelashes impossible. Suddenly, I thought I saw the look of the sweet Jenny Humphrey. But the roar of his road manager and its battery remind me that the tour continues to Taylor, but the series does not.

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