Sunday, November 6, 2011

I met The Pretty Reckless! (Nov 5, 2011)

Guys yesterday was an amazing day! I went to the concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London and it was so great! But the best part was before the concert, I was waiting outside, I glanced up and saw Jamie, Ben and Taylor's manager walking in front of me! As I glanced at them they glanced back and smiled. So I stood up from where I sat and followed them. Nobody had noticed them or recognised them so me and my friend were the only two who did.

They went for a walk to the other side of the building and when they stopped and turned I said "Hi guys" and asked where Taylor was. Ben answered she was already inside, so I asked to take a picture with them and the manager offered to take it himself. My camera had some problems with the flash and we all laughed about it but at the end we took a great picture! They were both so kind and nice!

After that, Ben returned inside, while Jaime and the manager went for a walk around (nobody noticed them at all!)
So my friend and I decided to come back, where the band was supposed to stay before the concert. There was a naughty security guard that closed the doors but I watched from the chink and... I saw TAYLOR! She was quite far and I saw just a blurred blonde hair and tall figure. Anyway she was there, talking with some guys and waiting to perform. The naughty guard then stood in front of the chink so that we couldn't see anything. I started jumping on my feet to see her a little bit more. Guys she was so beautiful even if from that far!
The concert was great and the bands were all amazing! Taylor's voice was so powerful and sounded so good!
I'm just so sorry that Taylor didn't show up after the concert to sign autographs. We got an autograph from Amy and beautiful pics of her, wow Amy was so kind she was just in front of me, her eyes are gorgeous, totally loved her.

Even if I didn't met Taylor I'm very happy to have met Ben, Jamie and Amy, thank you guys for the amazing night! And Taylor, hope to catch you next time!


fovsaken said...

I'm so happy for you!

Claire said...

thanks! It was truly amazing!

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