Thursday, March 1, 2012

REVIEW+ PHOTOS of The Pretty Reckless In Melbourne!

Review by Julia Foskey

It was a warm but rainy evening in Melbourne when I headed to the Thornbury Theatre to check out my most highly anticipated concert of 2012 -- The Pretty Reckless, aka Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl's band.

If you only know Taylor as Jenny from Gossip Girl, well you might actually have a bit of an idea of what she's like because as the seasons progressed her on screen persona changed to match what was going on in her life. So while she was a fresh faced, innocent girl who just wanted to be friends with Blair in Season One, by Season Three she was a wild child and queen of the Upper East Side with black eyeliner to match. And then she decided she was done with GG, and left to focus on her music.

I have been praying for a Pretty Reckless tour for the past year. Every time I write a story about Taylor's latest wild antics, I hope that she will announce a trip down under. I thought my dreams were coming true last year when The Pretty Reckless were meant to come for Soundwave Revolution, but my life fell apart when they pulled out. I never truly believed they would make it down under, but then they showed up on the Soundwave line up, and even better they announced a sideshow. And what a sideshow it was.

You could tell something exciting was happening on High St, because there were plenty of half naked teenage girls hanging around out the front and creepy old guys staring at them as they walked past. And there was a lot of black eyeliner, of which Taylor would have been proud.

The Thornbury Theatre is a great looking venue, but they must have very low capacity restrictions because the room only looked half full for the entire night, despite the show being sold out. After a great set from Heroes For Hire, we were ready for the main act. Taylor. And the three guys that make up her band. But mainly Taylor.

There were screams from the crowd when Taylor appeared, rocking a long white tshirt and a black leather jacket. Was she wearing pants? I don't know. My view was blocked. I don't think she was. Taylor doesn't do pants.

Taylor rocked her way through tracks from their album 'Light Me Up', including 'Factory Girl', 'Miss Nothing' and 'Nothing Left To Lose' which contains the lyric "I was only 19 you were 21", despite Taylor only being 18. Of course the single 'Make Me Wanna Die' attracted the biggest response from the crowd, but there was plenty of singing along to all the songs.

Taylor is known for flashing crowds, and the audience were definitely hoping to see a bit of skin. When a fan yelled out "Show us your tits" she quickly replied "Show me YOUR tits". While she talked to the audience a lot, she didn't flash us.

A highlight was probably the crowd getting in trouble for being too close to the stage, and constantly being asked to take two steps back. They never did. In fact they just pushed closer together in a desperate attempt to be near Taylor. Sadly no one managed to get close to her, and when a group of fans jumped on stage at the end of the show they were blocked by the band and security.

All jokes aside, Taylor is actually a legitimate rock talent. She has a great voice, interacts with the crowd, moves around on stage and really does perform well. I enjoyed every minute of the Pretty Reckless' concert, and just wish it could have gone a bit longer.

Next time they come down under I expect The Pretty Reckless will be performing at bigger venues, to massive sold out crowds. I can't wait. I will be there.
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