Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taylor Interviewed By Keltie Colleen for The Insider!

Taylor Momsen showed up to our interview wearing a leather skirt, her signature smokey eyes, and a pair of badass leather stripper shoes. I was expecting her to either be totally mean or kick my butt.

She did neither, underneath all that leather and liner, was a totally down to earth, sweet girl who was really excited about playing to a sold out show and was super complimentary of my leather jacket. She walked around meeting and hugging people, and being totally humble and giggling. I sort of wanted to ask if we could hang out and be best friends, but I didn't.
Taylor and her band The Pretty Reckless have a new video out for My Medicine and a new EP called Hit Me Like a Man, and is currently on a US tour (go and see her!)

Watch The Video Below!


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