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Full Q&A with Taylor! (March 20, 2013)

Q&A with Taylor (March 20, 2013) 

@SilentZombies are you coming to Brazil this year?
We'll definitely be coming back to Brazil and all of South America as soon as possible

@AtMyOwnWorld can you please tweet that you love me? 
love you all ;)

we'll be announcing new shows soon, and we'll definitely be playing NYC 

@Alina_Elmers What about your new album?

the hurricane really fucked us during the making of the new record, but a new song is coming soon...

@starnote13 Purchase any more vibrators since your last Q&A? ;)
of course

@LynchetteOffici Whats your favorite part of going on tour?
playing for the fans

@Hibernnon Do you speak some Spanish?? Please speak some Spanish :) Kisses from Spain! luv u

@tprettydead What you have to say about the songs on the new album?
We're still putting together the details on new record, it will speak for itself ;)

@OceanicCloud clothing line?
I'm working on a line of custom clothing...we'll see what happens...

@LunasPuding what's ur favorite superhero?

@LikeNobody_Else your favorite rock band #taylormomsenTPR Russia loves you
I love Russia...and the Beatles...can't wait to play Moscow again

@Isahsavinon It's my birthday, where's my congratulations bitch?

@Fanatic4Momsen do you like drugs?
depends on the day...depends on the drug ha

older than me and younger than a vampire

@MerRichelme Something that really pisses you off?
missing my own Q&A

@_StayAvril This week was my birthday. Give me Happy Birthday love? #TaylormomsenTPR 7
happy birthday!

@WeProudCody Will you come to Turkey? #taylormomsenTPR Turkey loves you x13
I've been to Istanbul, hope to go back soon, love to Memet!

@t0ml1nson if you could be invisible for a day what would you do? #taylormomsenTPR 7
rob a bank

@suuniak will TPR come to Poland this year?
we're going to tour around the world this year

@B0YL0VATIC Did you ever come to Holland?
LOVE Holland

@momsendie What you have to say about pop music?
pop music is like McDonalds, its ok once and a while but you don't want to eat it every day

@marllonaguiar Can you describe your brazilian fans in one word?

@andrecullen_ Can you describe Ben in one word?

@Fanatic4Momsen my mother told that if you awnser me, she will give me a Iphone 5. Help me haha
tell her to get you the phone


@LaurieD97 How long did it take you to grow your hair so long?! Its seriously amazing. ?
takes forever

@HausOfAlly if you could be someone else, who would you be?
no one, we should all want to be ourselves

@g0indown I just wanted a'' hi'' to make my day better.
hi, now go and have a better day

@fumihoxxx do u remember me? see this!  and what is your favorite song of today? #taylormomsenTPR 12
I do, and I'll definitely be back in Japan soon

@TheFashMonster Will you come back to Spain?
we'll definitely be coming back to Spain, love it

@Aminat05R Taylor please tell me ... do you like the group one direction .. this is important
I like Led Zeepelin...

@marianasmiler please answer me and make me happy. i love you so much
be happy

@itspisellayall Anyway, I want you to know that your music make me stronger and happier every day. Thank you taylor. Xoxo
you're welcome ;)

@Belen30stm do you like paramore?
I like AC/DC :)

@Leprech4un_ have you got any gigs in the uk any time soon?
everything is being worked out now, but I hope to do a full UK tour asap...

@fckspears what is the song you are currently listening to most?
the new TPR songs ;)

@zerrieswag Have you ever googled yourself?
not in a long time, I already know who I am, why would I google myself? ;)


@osnapitzcel whatchu doin
talking to you

@xxxmissdontcare today is the first day of spring, what is your favorite season?
definitely the Fall

@livingsemi What do you think about Kurt Cobain?
I think he shouldn't have killed himself, music needs him right about now

@g0ttabeniam Do you know Sky Ferreira? Do you like her songs?
don't know her

@MiryamReckless If you reply me, I would be the happiest person in the world. You are my idol. Xxx
I just created the happiest person in the world ;)

@ifuck4momsen so i'll waste my time and i'll burn my mind cause you won't ever see me!!! xxxx please make me happy
I miss nothing...

@howtolovers what do you think about oasis?
one of my favorites

@MercyInYou Do you have any advices to have more self-confident?
what other people think or say about you is none of your business, so you shouldn't care ;)

@biebersvoltaire ever watched the tv show friends?
I am addicted to it

@vsfyuri miss nothing or zombie? what's ur favorite?
both, Zombie was one of the first songs we wrote tho

@_iBiebsLovatic i need new music seriously, you are the best and i love you so much
new music is coming soon...

@EnikoTheWanted What do ya think about people who's cutting yourself's?
stop cutting yourself and pick up a guitar

@maryManson69 What do you call your style of clothing?
Clothing ;)

@ChriJustChris i want to sleep because in St Petersburg is 00:13, sooo, can you wish me GOOD NIGHT?
good night...

@rivermitchie how u write 'u make me wanna die'?

@_SeptemberSun are the new songs heavier?
the new songs are definitely more raw and definitely more rock

@afuckinreckless taylor what do you think about commercial music?
I try not to

@juaninacioo what is the meaning of xxxx?
one higher than xxx...

@Holly_BFS will you wish me a happy birthday for my 18th on Monday, please? It will make my life.
happy birthday!

@niallgotmeur favorite ac/dc song x
all of them, but It's a Long Way to the Top...

@eIitoria celebrity crush?
hmm...he's the singer of a band...

@JustMartinaa taylor do you like drinking?
i do it, not sure I like it..

@itsShayJ3 Do you want to see my belly piercing??

@lightmeupcyrus ever watched the tv show skins?? Love you #taylormomsen TPR
I didn't mind the UK skins, the U.S. one sucked

@Green_Day_Zoya city ​​where you would like to come back?
all of them, I want to rock the entire world

@XristinaEchelon Why u so perfect? :P love you ;)
nobody's perfect love ;)

@fckmomsen #taylormomsenTPR < is first on the trend topics !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 font="">
because you guys are awesome

@tashie96_ please say you're doing a UK tour this year? I'll actually die with excitement!XxX
we'll definitely be touring the UK and everywhere else this year

@shapilaus How do you feel about people who copy you?
best form of flattery

@pqnaomarina whats the color of your panties now? love youuu
not wearing any ;)

@REPLYMEMYQUEEN What do you think about Florence + The Machine?
I don't

@Andres_12f please say anything to me and I'll be happy for a year!
start your year of happiness now

@ANNARFACE How did @taylormomsen get so scary? SHE WAS SO CUTE IN GOSSIP GIRL (season 1)
I'd rather be scary than cute

@Dead_M3mory Whats your best advice to someone who's really passionate about music and wants to do it for a living? :)
do it for yourself, if music makes you happy then that is all the success you need

@queijombie about Jamie's hair, as can be so fuck?
jamie's hair is awesome, it has its own apartment

@Diman101 Did you fuck with Marilyn Manson?
I did not fuck manson, no one fucks manson, manson fucks you, ha

@lauraonistodo you miss your childhood?
I miss nothing

@RocioScream14h do you like Die Antwoord?
no, I love Die Antwoord

@fentymomsen I will give up , you'll never answer me ;(
never give up

@youresonaivex if you answer me, i will tattoo the xxxx anywhere you want. #taylormomsenTPR
hmmm, you pick the body part

@JavierAndresPV what's your favorite Oasis B-side?
good question...too many to choose from, master plan maybe

@Love_Jeliebers ı will give up you'll never answer me :/ I love You babe :)
son of a bitch ;)

@RecklessBm I want you to tattoo my entire body, just sayin'...

@Juliet7M What's your favorite place on earth?
everywhere and NYC

@NovacaineSeeker give me an advice for surviving the stupidity and crap at school xxx
chill and have fun

@mais1potterhead Where do you want I tatto 'Pretty Reckless' in my body?
wherever you want it ;)


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