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Taylor on Le Grand Journal - Translated and transcripted Interview!

Taylor was on the french show le Grand Journal the 13th march, here’s the translation of the interview with Taylor. Credits go to @taylorzombiesky

Q: Taylor, do you know Nana (the other guest), are you impressed ? You know you are sitting next to a legend.

Taylor: I’ve recently been very familiar with her and I’m very excited to meet you and to be sitting next to you

Q: You are 20, and you certainly don’t know all the career of Nana, here’s a little summary of her 60 years of career, watch now.


Q: Taylor you made openings very Rock’n'Roll, with Marilyn Manson, Guns n’Roses, Evanescence, and if they proposed to you to do the opening for Nana would you accept ? 

Taylor: Of course ! I mean to have a career that last that long really means that you had an incredible talent, you can’t kill it.

Nana: I wanted to say because, I know her, and I think she’s got a lot of talent, and she got a personnality.

Taylor: Thank you

Nana: What she does is between theater and music, the both together, it’s original…

Q: Taylor is originally a comedian, and she choose the music.

Nana: Yes that’s it, and that’s amazing because you know both are related, there is a new manner to express yourself and it’s musical.

Q: Nana I’m not asking you if you’ll do the opening for Taylor Momsen but I’m going to show you a little bit of her new music video


Nana: This is great !

Q: We are not at all in the bubble gum music, in all the little pop who got succes in this time, this is Rock

Taylor: That’s proper Rock n’Roll yeah, you know our lives shows are no tracks, we never know what’s gonna happen before the show and we are here to play.


Nana [about Rock music and Taylor]: I would have love to had the chance to do more rock music when I was young because I think it’s so beautiful what she does.

Q: Let’s look, if you want to, to  the cover of your both albums, could you Nana pose like Taylor ? 

Nana: No because I was too complexed and I was only thinking about my voice

Q: Taylor when we see the poster of your tour, where you pose with no clothes on, we can think that finally being a young women these days, when we play music, we have to at a moment deal with the provocation, like the other singers, which are not your friends like the Miley Cyrus and others.

Taylor: Everybody says that but I don’t think it’s necessary, but sexuality is a part of the Rock’n'roll, I don’t look at it like that, you know I’ve been influenced by the Pink Floyd and their posters, Eric Clapton, that’s where I take my inspirations, and for the record I try to propose a beautiful artistic picture, with the “Going to Hell” cross, and what I try to say is that you came in this world naked, with only your body, your soul, so why you’d get all those material things. 

Q: I listened to your album to other day and I had the surprise that, the first noises we heard are:

[intro of Follow me down]

Q: And the music starts right after

Taylor: It’s just before it kicks in ! 

Q: So it’s very surprising when you heard that at the opening of the album, what is it ? 

Taylor: [laugh] Well it’s the start of the story of the song, but technicaly it’s the recording of my friend Jenna Haze, and I wanted to do this myself but everybody where there in the studio and they were laughing and I couldn’t do it, so I called her and ask her can you help me recording, and that’s one very original recording, you can’t find that online [laugh]

Q: Nana what that does that do to you this love of the provocation we see in the new generation of singers ? 

Nana: It was like that before but now everything is like that, before we only had the hope to get heard, they want that too but there are other way to get reknown now, life is like that they don’t have the choice, and a beautiful girl needs to show something, me I wasn’t beautiful…

Taylor: First of all, I would like to disagree with that you are a beautiful girl, I disagree with that a lot !

Nana: Thank you but you know It was just different in our days, and I think that’s normal what’s happening and we sometimes are being unfair with the young ones and they get a feeling that is not always good for their futur.


Thanks to our amazing Taylor the Zombie (twitter ‏@taylorzombiesky ) for sharing the translation with us!!


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