Thursday, May 15, 2014

Radio Contraband Interviews Taylor Momsen!

I hooked up with Taylor Momsen of Pretty Reckless. All pictures of me WITH Taylor are in a secure, password protected place.

1. So what’s the current story with Pretty Reckless?
Taylor – Just touring for…who knows how long. Massive tour of Europe, come back and do all the festivals here this summer.

2. Hollywood puts together a movie about Pretty Reckless, who plays you?
Taylor – That’s a good one…Chris Hemsworth. I wouldn’t mind being Thor.

3. Strangest request or question you ever received from a fan.
Taylor – I don’t know about strange…I get a lot of “will you f*ck me”??

4. Give me a musical “guilty pleasure” something in your collection that might shock me.
Taylor – Probably the strangest thing I have in my collection is the soundtrack to “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, I’m a massive Buffy fan.

5. You have a dentist appointment, and your regular dentist can’t make it. When the chair spins around who do you NOT want to see there.
Taylor – Any dentist, I hate the dentist!!

6. Name an artist that you would like to hear cover your music.
Taylor – I’d like to hear Neal Young cover Pretty Reckless…that wouldn’t suck.

7. Have you ever met anyone in your Pretty Reckless travels that has claimed to have slept with Gene Simmons?
Taylor – Well, I would NEVER say anything…What goes on the road stays on the road, that’s the policy.

8. Give me a current artist you would like to jam with.
Taylor – I’d love to have Matt Cameron come play a song…I love drummers. (Editor’s note, take drum lessons)

9. What’s one thing you HAVE TO DO before you go on stage?
Taylor – No real pre show rituals…I drink a whiskey, smoke a cigarette and walk on.

10. What is your favorite curse word?
Taylor – F*ck!! I say it all the time.

11. Last question, what does hearing your music on the radio mean to you? 
Taylor – I love hearing it before Pink Floyd and after AC/DC, that was the FIRST time I heard it which was really cool. Anytime you hear yourself on the radio it’s hard to describe that feeling…it’s pretty awesome.

source: RadioContraband


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