Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taylor Momsen dishes about The Pretty Reckless’ new ‘F—ed Up World’ music video!

New York rock band The Pretty Reckless visited Miami last month to film the music video for their latest single “F---ed Up World,” and frontwoman Taylor Momsen tells Yahoo Canada Music that “it’s all based on a ‘60s theme.”

“I wrote the treatment and co-directed it with Jon J,” Momsen said. “It’s definitely a different style for us. It’s a very sarcastic video and we’ve never really put sarcasm in our videos before so it’s a different treatment.”

The 20-year-old singer also commented on the costuming process for the clip. Fans can expect to see the former “Gossip Girl” actress in a groovy ensemble.

“The look is cheap,” Momsen said with a laugh. “My outfit cost nothing. Literally it cost like $4. All of the tie-dye stuff, I made all of that myself. We played a lot with colour, which we haven’t done before.”
“F---ed Up World” is the fourth single to come off The Pretty Reckless’ latest record “Going To Hell” behind songs like "Heaven Knows," "Kill Me" and the title track.

The record also features stand out tunes like “Sweet Things,” where Momsen’s voice is really showcased and pushes beyond the band’s previous albums. The songstress also admits that the track is “one of [their] favourite live songs for sure.”

“I grew up listening to David Bowie [narrating] ‘Peter and the Wolf’ on vinyl,” the singer revealed. ”That’s what I would listen to when I was six. I would sit in the living room and listen to that and drink tea. When we play [Sweet Things] live, our drummer has something that he triggers and it’s Bowie saying, ‘This is the story of Peter and the wolf …’ It’s definitely a strong one for us live because everyone gets to shine in their own right in different sections of the song because there’s so many dynamics to that one.”

Momsen’s ability to incorporate a piece of her childhood ritual into her current performance style combines past with present and brings her fans deeper into her world.

Not only are The Pretty Reckless making waves while performing on the road, but Momsen also got the chance to perform with rock legend Joan Jett at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards on April 23 .


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