Wednesday, December 24, 2014 Woman of the Year: Taylor Momsen

It's hard to believe the claims that rock 'n' roll is dead—whether they come from Gene Simmons or anybody else—while Taylor Momsenand The Pretty Reckless are still around. Going To Hell isn't just a declaration that the group is here to stay, it's a clarion call to fans worldwide that this kind of music isn't going anywhere. Momsen is the perfect leader for the genre too. She's smart, eloquent, and downright badass, like some kind of Quentin Tarantino heroine come to life. That's why she's's "Woman of the Year".

Momsen doesn't just sing, play guitar, and write songs either. She's comfortable behind the camera, and she did a hell of a job directing the captivating music video for the year's massive hit "Heaven Knows." Momsen's the kind of auteur the world has been begging for. She doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks, and she backs up everything she says with immense talent and an equally impressive and relentless work ethic (The Pretty Reckless will hit the road withNickelback next year).

There's still nothing like seeing the band live. It's the best kind of rock show and Going to Hell is the best kind of rock album—real, raw, and righteous.

It feels like there are even bigger and better things to come from Momsen though. This is only the beginning of her journey. Rock 'n' roll thanks her for it. She's the woman it's been waiting for to give it life again.

source: ARTISTdirect


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