Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jenny will be back on Gossip Girl!

“Taylor Momsen’s Jenny Humphrey will definitely return next fall. “We wanna keep it up in the air where her character will go,” Savage says, once again refusing to spill much. “Obviously she left in a dramatic fashion at end of last season. We’re excited about being able to create some tension about her character. I don’t want to say exactly which episode (she returns), but it’ll be in first half of season.”

Last time we saw Jenny, she had seduced Chuck Bass in her continuing goal to become the next Blair Waldorf. Since the beginning of the show Jenny’s one and …only purpose has been to take what was Blair’s and at the season 3 finale she took the love of Blair’s life. It backfired when Chuck treated her like any other girl and forgot about her the moment Blair came through the door. Upset when she realized she meant nothing to the billionaire she cried to her brother acting as if she had been forced. Blair, able to see past the ‘poor little girl’ charade, banned Jenny from the city.

Jenny’s return is bound to be a dramatic one. Blair Waldorf, although both her and Chuck have been unable to reunite after broken hearts, is still hung up on the Bass. It is doubtful she’ll welcome the home-wrecker back since it is because of her she isn’t with the man she loves.


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