Sunday, August 1, 2010

Taylor Momsen Rocks!

The Pretty Reckless (Photo by Chad Sengstock)

Taylor Momsen just wants to rock.
It’s why the successful 17-year-old model and actress took a break from her cushy role on the CW’s Gossip Girl for life on the road in a tour bus with a bunch of dudes. It’s also why her band the Pretty Reckless will be dropping their full-length debut Light Me Up on August 31, and why they recently stopped by ShockHound to play a hard-rocking Shock Session.
In the live performance video, the far-beyond-her-years Momsen channels Garbage’s Shirley Manson and Hole’s Courtney Love as she commands the stage in her uniform thigh-highs and a ripped T-shirt converted to a dress, and the band cranks out “Since You’re Gone,” “Zombie,” “Factory Girl,” and the title track from their gritty debut.
Despite what the tabloids may say about the paparazzi-stalked star, when it comes down to the music, Momsen has the for-real sort of pipes that are quite capable of silencing her detractors; you can also hear them on
the band's debut EP, which was released last month.
And don't miss our exclusive video interview with Momsen and her “loud rock band,” wherein they talk about lugging her wardrobe on the road, their musical influences, and their ruthless, never-ending battle with the pesky paparazzi.



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