Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twitter Q&A: Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless

Taylor talks about her album and answers Twitter questions from fans
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
By Tracy Bratten - iheartradio
We’d bet that Taylor Momsen didn’t go anywhere near the Upper East Side when she was in Manhattan recently to perform with her band, The Pretty Reckless. The legs-for-days 17-year-old left all traces of her "Gossip Girl" character Jenny Humphrey behind - save the long blonde hair, of course – and donned a skintight red mini dress, thick black eyeliner and what can only be accurately described as hooker boots for the band’s sold-out NYC show.

Taylor impressed the crowd with her mature vocals and overt sexuality, but just because she's seeing success in the world of rock & roll doesn’t mean she takes it for granted.

Taylor sat down with iheartradio when she was in New York to talk about forthcoming album Light Me Up and to answer some questions from the extraordinarily rabid Pretty Reckless fanbase. Fans reached out via Twitter from Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Brazil, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Turkey and even Texas with some great questions for the star.

@Vicccky_: What does Taylor do to kill time on the tour bus?

TM: I try to sleep a lot because that’s just always good... To kill time we watch a lot of South Park DVDs, normally I’ll sew rag dolls and I crotchet so I will do that... play guitar, write songs.
TB: Like voo doo dolls?

TM: Oh whatever you wanna call them - they do have X’s for eyes.
TB: You’re not like sticking pens in them or anything are you?
TM: No, no pens in them but they got the X eyes.

@hormazd91: which video are they shooting next/next single? #lightmeup

TM: I don’t know (laughs). Good question, I don’t know yet.

@aj82lo: whats her fav song to perform off #lightmeup?

TM: It depends on the night, but I know we all really love playing “Since Your Gone.” It’s one of our favorites to play live because it really locks into that groove, and “Factory Girl” is always fun. The whole show is fun but those are two that we look forward too in the set.

@MJspook: #InterviewTPR# if she's that rock & roll to kiss a girl/boy at a concert?

TM: Rock and roll enough? Yes. Will I? No, I am too much of a hypochondriac.

@Histreasure1: In 10 years time does she see herself acting or stil making music?

TM: Well, hopefully making music for the rest of my life. The goal is to be able to continue to put out records and tour. That’s what I hope to be doing. Whether I will be acting, I don’t know, right now it’s not the focus for me. But in 10 years, who f***ing knows.

@BGirlJessii: Ask what advice she'd give teens for being successful??!

TM: It’s a lot of f***ing work man. I mean really, you work 24 hours a day, so if you know that going into it, it’s a lot of work but I mean it’s - for me at least - it’s worth it, I love what I do.

@SenorDawes: ask her if theyve started working on the second album.

TM: Working on it, no. No time to go into the studio or anything, no plans yet but I mean we’re always writing so, started writing for it? Yes. Nothing definitive to play or record or anything yet but the process has been started. I’m trying to get the first record out (laughs).

@LAFantasys: what inspires taylor to write?

TM: It’s so hard to define where inspiration comes from... It’s three weeks or however long of torturing yourself and hating everything and then two seconds of inspiration and being inspired and coming up with something. The record’s very much about life and the pain and everything that goes along with it. It’s very much about my life, about what I’ve experienced, what I’ve observed other people that I know... but it’s hopefully something that everyone can relate to; it comes down to human emotion. Everyone feels the same thing, you know? I hope they don’t just try to relate it to my life because it is written very metaphorically and you’ll never actually know. I hope they take it for what it is and it can make them feel something in their own life.
TB: Is that your plan? Obviously people are really drawn to you as an artist, as an actress, and as a person, but there’s not a lot of what’s going on in your personal life out there...
TM: Yeah, I’m very private
TB: How do you keep the media away when it comes to really personal stuff?
TM: Well when they ask I just go, I’m not f***ing answering that question. It’s not anyone’s business but mine. You give so much away being in the public eye - people wanna know everything about you but you gotta have your own life outside of it.

ClassicMetal: id love to know what was the first record she ever bought

TM: I think the first CD I actually bought was Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles, but I grew up listening to a lot of vinyl and my dad had everything. I really liked Nirvana, Blondie, Pink Floyd all of that; he already had all of those. But I think I actually bought [Magical Mystery Tour] on CD; it was the first CD I actually went and got.

@HowlingGreywolf: here's a question, what got her interested in music in the first place?

TM: Since I can remember. I mean I’ve been you know working you know that’s the thing people don’t know the most is that I would consider myself a musician who acts. Acting is something I’ve done my whole life but it’s never been a job that I enjoy, is how I describe it. Music’s been my life and my passion and kinda what’s kept me sane and going. So, you know my whole life I’ve wanted to do that and it’s why now? It’s cause I finally f***ing wrote a record that’s worth the material I want people to hear. Cause you write a lot of crap before you write something good.
TB: Obviously a lot of people know you from "Gossip Girl" - did you find it hard for people to take you seriously at first when they found out that you're a musician?
TM: Of course but I mean I think that any musician has that, something to overcome, mine happens to be actress turned singer as far as what people know. But like I said I mean it’s really, it wasn’t like I woke up one morning and I was like hey, I think I’ll release a record. It’s something I’ve been really working on for my entire life, so I think hopefully people will hear the record and give it a chance to listen to it, that they’ll see that it’s not just a vanity project, you know?

@Maria_Supercat: is she ever going to dye her hair black?

TM: Possibly, I actually was just debating that. I have been for quite some time. I don’t know, I feel like I would miss my blonde hair ‘cause I’ve had blonde hair my whole life. But I will at some point, I’m sure I’ll go black. No plans right now, but I’m sure it will happen.

@PerfectionL4nd: would taylor like to do a duet with rob zombie at download festival as one of them special performances no1 forgets? #lightmeup

TM: abso-f***ing-lutely. Rob Zombie is so cool. I actually was just saying how I really want him to direct one of our videos. I think he’s great and his f***ing movies are awesome, I mean Halloween 1 is just insane, so I really hope, I really want him to do one of the videos. Is he gonna be at Download Festival? I haven’t even seen the lineup. I know System Of The Down, which I’m so psyched to play with System Of A Down, oh my god I am so excited, I love System Of A Down. Linkin Park and Def Leppard I think are headlining, but I don’t know who else is there.
TB: Check that out, if Rob Zombie is there, that’d be awesome.

@misswhittemore: If they're gonna release "Going Down" from the album because its my favourite song!

TM: Hopefully, hopefully we will release all of them. I mean I’d like to make videos for you know all of them and put all of them out.

@ImKingBee: Would they ever play on Gossip Girl?

TM: Well they played "Make Me Wanna Die" on the show which was totally weird but it’s like my two worlds like colliding, it was just definitely surreal. To actually perform on the show, probably not, considering I’m a character on the show and it isn’t Jenny Humphrey’s band. I am very different from my character on the show so probably not but, maybe a different show.

@TattR99: ask her when will she appear in GG

TM: Well, what I will say is they’re being very supportive and allowing me to tour, because you can’t do both at the same time. Right now they’re writing me out of story lines and allowing me to tour for the next year so you won’t see me for a while. Maybe in the future.

@stacyhp: Does she have any tattoos?

TM: I do, I have a, well I don’t know if you can call it a tattoo, it’s so small. I have like a little star right there that I got years ago.
TB: Any plans to get other ones?
TM: Not at the moment, no, I feel like, my thing with tattoos I feel like I have to commit to them or like not get them. Beatles didn’t have tattoos, so.. Although I do have piercings, I mean I have so many f***ing piercings.
TB: How many piercings?
TM: Oh god, I don’t know. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. At the moment 13

@iFxckForSatan: ask if they are going to have merchandise like clothing, posters etc online :) x

TM: ThePrettyReckless.com will have all of it.

@johnkekic: ask her if she’s winning?

TM: What does that mean?
TB: Charlie Sheen has been doing a lot of interviews and he just keeps saying "duh, winning."
TM: Alright, Go Charlie Sheen

Light Me Up is available now digitally and will hit stores April 12.

Photos By Shelby Case source wtam.com


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